With over 17 years combined experience, the founders of Burns Brokers have fostered strong lasting relationships with many malpractice insurance carriers. Burns Brokers has access to over 100 different carriers and is dedicated to finding the perfect insurance carrier for your law firm.


Since lawyer’s professional liability policy forms are ‘claims made,’ they react very differently than a typical business owner’s policy or homeowner’s policy. Retroactive dates, predecessor firms and many other unique features to the policy forms make them difficult to understand for most general agencies. Since Burns Brokers specializes in malpractice insurance for law firms, we better understand the policy forms of each of our insurance carriers and we can help you better understand them as well. Any changes to your law firm can have a major effect on your insurance. We take the time to speak with you about changes to your law firm, both past and present to ensure the policy provides the coverage features that your law firm needs.


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