Insurance Services

  • Cyber Liability & Data Breach

    Cyber Liability is a growing need in the professional liability realm and affects most businesses.  Cyber liability policy forms will help protect you against data breaches in your company.  HIPPA law require companies to protect confidential information provided by their clients.  When those HIPPA laws are broken each state has specific requirements for credit monitoring and notification to the client.  These can be very costly to your company can be a catastrophic loss without insurance.

  • Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance (LPL)

    With over 17 years combined experience, the founders of Burns Brokers have fostered strong lasting relationships with many malpractice insurance carriers. Burns Brokers has access to over 100 different carriers and is dedicated to finding the perfect insurance carrier for your law firm.


    Since lawyer’s professional liability policy forms are ‘claims made,’ they react very differently than a typical business owner’s policy or homeowner’s policy. Retroactive dates, predecessor firms and many other unique features to the policy forms make them difficult to understand for most general agencies. Since Burns Brokers specializes in malpractice insurance for law firms, we better understand the policy forms of each of our insurance carriers and we can help you better understand them as well. Any changes to your law firm can have a major effect on your insurance. We take the time to speak with you about changes to your law firm, both past and present to ensure the policy provides the coverage features that your law firm needs.


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  • Miscellaneous Professional Liability Insurance (E&O)

    Whether you are a doctor, physical therapist, registered nurse, chiropractor, or dentist, we can help you find the best professional liability insurance. Many of these policy forms are unique and provide coverage in vastly different ways; it is important your agent is well versed in various types of policy forms. Burns Brokers can help review your coverages and advise you on obtaining the appropriate policy form for your type of work.

  • Directors and Officers Insurance (D&O)

    Directors and officers also have an at-risk exposure just because of their title in the entity. Whether you work for a large company or a non-profit organization, we have policy forms specifically designed to provide unique coverages for you. In the event an insured suffers a loss as a result of a legal action brought against them for wrongful acts as a director and officer, this policy form provides indemnification for losses. Protecting your company’s assets is very important and we will help make sure your company is protected.

  • Workers Compensation (WC)

    Adhering to your state requirement for workers compensation can be expensive and time consuming. We have several different carriers who we rely on for these policy forms, each having broad coverage features and affordable pricing. Since workers compensation is heavily regulated by the state, each insurance company has a range of rates filed with your specific state. Choosing the right insurance company can be tricky since most insurance policies have similar pricing. We work with carriers who have superior policy forms and claims handling. Even though using a payroll company might seem easier, you may be putting your firm at risk. Having an agency, such as Burns Brokers, act as a filter between your company and the insurance agency, can often be very helpful.


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  • Business Owners Insurance (BOP)

    Property and liability insurance for your office space can be easily found, however not all policy forms are created equal. Choosing the right insurance policy specific to your needs is important; it can be the difference in a covered claim or a denied claim. We work with several different insurance companies for business owners insurance; however we have some carriers that have policy features we can tailor to your specific business needs.


    We can add unique policy features to ensure your company has the appropriate coverage for the specific needs of your building or company. For example, we encourage all of our clients to have coverage for outside signs, worldwide laptop coverage and cyber liability. We have policy forms that tailor to law firms and even provide specific coverage for expensive law libraries.


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  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

    This policy form will provide coverage for many things including but not limited to sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and wrongful payment of wages. Many businesses are at risk for this type of exposure. Employment practice liability insurance covers losses that would not normally be covered by your other policy forms. These policy forms are designed to protect your company in ways that are essential in today’s litigious society.

  • Umbrella

    An umbrella policy form is a blanket policy form that increases your liability limits for business owners, workers compensation and commercial auto policies. They are often affordable and can be very valuable in the event of a major loss.

  • Excess Insurance

    Protecting your company’s assets is important. Obtaining an excess policy form to help ensure that your limits are adequate can be priceless. An excess policy form can help increase the limits of your professional liability policy. Often with larger law firms or law firms handling large value cases, a single professional liability policy form doesn’t provide the adequate coverage needed for the firm. An excess policy form can be an extra layer of coverage to protect the assets of the law firm in the event of a severe loss.

  • Commercial Automobile Insurance

    Commercial Auto Insurance provides financial protection for a business vehicle and its drivers. Having an agent that is knowledgeable in this type of policy is important as there are many different exposures present for a company owned vehicle. Ensuring your policy form contains coverages for hired and non-owned auto coverage is not something we take lightly. Many business put themselves at risk by having an employee do a work errand. We can help talk to you about these risks and ensure your business is protected.

  • Bonds

    Whether you need a notary bond, ERISA bond or crime bond, we can help. Bonds are sometimes required by the state and, sometimes, they are needed to protect your financial assets. If your company handles large amounts of money each day, your firm may need an employee theft or crime bond since these are often excluded from many of the other policy forms you may have. Protecting your money and assets is one of the most important things you can do for your business.