Why Choose Burns Brokers as Your Insurance Broker

Burns Brokers has 17 plus years of experience in the insurance industry. We work with the majority of the insurance markets available to your firm and can easily help you make the right decisions when selecting an insurance carrier.


We have assisted with claims handling and have helped many clients out of very difficult situations with their insurance carriers and claims. We are always available to discuss claims situations or potential claims and can help you notify the insurance carrier in the proper manner. We also have extensive experience assisting firms to put good practices in place to help mitigate potential claims from occurring in the first place.


Our agency will work hard for your firm to ensure you always have the best possible insurance  carrier at the best price. We will shop your insurance annually to our carriers and we always stay aware of changes in the market place by checking for premium changes and products which can help save you money.


Burns Brokers helps complete your applications for you which will save you valuable time, effort, and money at your annual renewal period. We will keep your information on file so that provide your information and complete your applications to save you time. We provide detailed comparison charts that will make it easier for you to make a decision when comparing several policies.


We can also provide financing that makes paying your annual premium easier through monthly installments and low interest rates.

It is our promise to work hard for you and your business, keeping your best interest at heart at all times.