Burns Brokers always recommends good practices for your law firm in order to help prevent claims. Having at least two docket calendaring systems that are cross checked daily by two individuals can help cut down on missed deadlines and appointments. Burns Brokers also recommends that the firm have a clear conflict of interest system that not only captures client and defendant names but other potential conflict of interest in parties. Checking the conflict system before taking on any new clients is highly recommended.


Burns Brokers also highly recommends using engagement letters, non-engagement letters and termination letters with all clients. This allows for a clear cut start and finish with all clients. Having a fee agreement for an engagement letter can help better outline costs and fees as well. We highly recommend all firms collect retainers and then obtain another retainer when that initial retainer is depleted. This ensures the firm is paid and lowers the firm’s exposure for non-payment. Burns Brokers would love to help evaluate your firm and help make recommendations on how to keep claims down and insurance premiums low. Call us today to receive a free consultation!