Cori Burns Miracle

Cori Miracle

Cori Miracle

Partner – Senior Broker

18555 E. Smoky Hill Road #461151

Centennial, Colorado 80046

Direct Phone: 720-255-1490

Phone: 720-255-1412

Fax: 720-255-0644

Cori Burns Miracle began her career in customer service and sales, working as the director of events and sales at Cool River Steak House for 10 years. Through this position, she formed many lasting community relationships and connections. She then moved into customer service and sales in the LPL industry. After working with the LPL insurance firm, she formed Burns Brokers with her sister and colleague, Kaci Burns Nice. Her sales experience and customer service experience bring a fresh new energy to the field. Because of Cori’s dedication and drive to excel, her expertise in LPL far exceeds her time spent in the field and she has quickly gained the trust of many insurance companies.


Cori is very detail oriented, and she takes pride in the ability to help law firms find better policy forms and prices. Cori often uncovers errors made by other agents and is able to correct and update these policies to ensure coverage will apply appropriately.


Cori Burns Miracle graduated with honors from The University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Population Organismic Biology. Cori is a Colorado native and enjoys spending time outdoors camping, hiking, skiing, mountain biking and going on walks with her dogs, Tucker and Sir Maximus. Cori enjoys traveling both throughout the United States and internationally with her husband, Clay.